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Stress really does make your hair turn gray faster :(

“A team of researchers has found that in mice, stressful events trigger damage the stem cells that are responsible for producing pigment in hair. These stem cells, found near the base of each hair follicle, differentiate to form more specialized cells called melanocytes, which generate the brown, black, red and yellow hues in hair and…

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Vaping side effects on the skin

We’ve know for years the effect that smoking cigarettes has on the skin, but vaping is such a new issue, that the effects on skin at this time aren’t quite known. Here is an article of some of the effects being seen on skin with vaping! Allure article

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Makeup tips for acne prone skin!

If you’re prone to acne, you might struggle with the fear of makeup use. Fear not! Here are some tips for keeping your skin clear while using makeup. Article from AAD 1-Choose makeup carefully. With so many products available on the market, you may need to try out different makeup to identify the products that…

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