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Stress really does make your hair turn gray faster 🙁

“A team of researchers has found that in mice, stressful events trigger damage the stem cells that are responsible for producing pigment in hair. These stem cells, found near the base of each hair follicle, differentiate to form more specialized cells called melanocytes, which generate the brown, black, red and yellow hues in hair and…
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How fast can a human run?

So, it turns out we humans are at a speed disadvantage because we only utilize two legs! If only we could use all four…we’d put Usain Bolt’s gold medal races to shame. NYT article
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Remember to wash your hands this flu season!

Use this classroom experiment as a reminder to wash your hands this flu season! GMA article and video
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Melanoma and Lung Cancer Death Rates Drop

Cancer death rates have declined steadily over the past several decades, falling by nearly a third since the early 1990s, according to a report published Wednesday by the American Cancer Society.
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