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Blood Cream for Beauty?!?

One one latest and hottest trends among celebrities in a daily facial cream called blood cream! Blood cream is a base of moisturizer mixed with something called plasma from our blood. A small container of this cream will put you back $1400. The idea is that using components of our own blood helps to rejuvenate…
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Former Miss Universe and Melanoma

Dayanara Torres, 44, and former Miss Universe, was diagnosed with aggressive melanoma in February. She is raising awareness for this potentially deadly type of skin cancer saying she was lucky that it has not spread to any other parts of her body, but will need to start radiation therapy for her skin cancer. Women’s Day…
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Sleeping with Matthew McConaughey

We’re all looking for that perfect night of sleep, why not lull yourself to sleep with the soothing sound of Matthew McConaughey’s voice. Matthew has partnered with the App Calm to read you bedtime stories, promoting well being and healthy sleep habits. Calm has around 120 such sleep stories, including classic fairy tales, so-called music…
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Multiple Sclerosis Awareness

MS is a well known diagnosis and many of us have heard the title as passers bye. Unfortunately though, outside of the name, many of us don’t know much about the disease itself. It can present in so many ways, and can take a very long time to get a strict diagnosis. There are so…
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