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Dark Sky Weather App is Very Skin Conscious!

Dark Sky is known as the most accurate source of local weather information, but did you know that it can also remind you what to wear and what to pack based on the current weather conditions?!? Under its weather notifications tab, there is a sunscreen reminder! The app can remind you to apply when the…
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Coffee, keep it coming!

A study now confirms it is good for your skin to consume your daily cup of Joe. The recent study reports and inverse association between caffeine intake, coffee, and risk of incident rosacea. The idea is that caffeine’s vasoconstrictive and immune suppressive effects might decrease the risk of rosacea. So drink up!
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Detroit winning the war on Bedbugs!!!

Orkin has released its 2019 Top Bed Bug Cities List on Monday. #1 still goes to Baltimore, yikes…however, Detroit is down from #7 to #8 on the list! Hooray for us! Here’s the list of top ten cities… 1-Baltimore 2-Washington, DC 3-Chicago 4-Los Angeles 5-Columbus, OH 6-New York 7-Cincinnati 8-Detroit 9-Atlanta 10-Philadelphia
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Don’t believe everything you read!

A headline article caught my eye this morning, the title reading “Is Sunscreen the New Margarine?”, what in the world could this possibly be? After a quick read of this controversial article, we honestly believe that studies like this should be taken with a grain of salt. They are claiming that more people are dying…
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The World’s Smartest Mirror Is Here to Make Mornings Easier!

HiMirror Mini, the world’s smartest mirror has been announced at this years Consumers Electronic Show in Vegas. The mirror, like smart phones, can download apps like “My Beauty Box” to help with with skincare products and track their efficacy. The app “SkinSAFE” is available on the device as well, easily review comprehensive outlines of beauty…
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