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Tips to avoid breakouts from the gym

It’s summer and we are all trying to stay in shape for those days out on the lake! But as we hit the gym, many of us find that we start breaking out bad. Here’s a few tips to keep those pimples to a minimum…

1-Avoid makeup-it will just clog your pores during a workout.

2-Don’t touch your face-all of those machines and weights just harbor bacteria!

3-Wear loose clothing– spandex workout pants are tight clothing that can lead to skin infections from bacteria and fungi.

4-Choose the right towel-choose a cotton, microfiber, linen or bamboo towel, they dry quickly and won’t harbor bacteria.

5-Wash your face after your workout, and moisturize-immediately cleanse your face with a quick wash or even a wipe.

6-Skip the hot shower-losing oils can make your skin very sensitive and itchy.

7-Adjust your nighttime routine-wait until redness subsides to apply your acne meds.

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