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Sunburn Tattoos…not cool!

So what are people thinking? This brings me back to the early 2000’s placing stickers on body parts before an afternoon at the beach to reveal a pale untanned shape. Here’s what the article claims about this new trend for 2019, French artist named Thomas Mailaender started the trend with the use of photo negatives and UV rays. The average population will “place stencils on exposed skin and head outside to soak up some rays. When that mission is complete, they remove the stencils to reveal “semi-permanent” designs in paler skin tones. ” Here are some of the botched sunburn tattoos we’ve found on the world wide web!

This is a trend that is dangerous for your long term health, so please be careful! UV damage can cause long term harm like skin cancers (melanoma) which can potentially be deadly.

Article from NYP

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