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Multiple Sclerosis Awareness

MS is a well known diagnosis and many of us have heard the title as passers bye. Unfortunately though, outside of the name, many of us don’t know much about the disease itself. It can present in so many ways, and can take a very long time to get a strict diagnosis. There are so many treatments and great doctors out there helping patients through the initial diagnosis and treatment process. Someone bringing this diagnosis to light recently is Selma Blair. After years of feeling and knowing something was not right, she finally got a diagnosis this past year. She is shedding new light on the subject and creating a dialogue for us to explore and understand this disease. Learn about her story in this mornings GMA exclusive and follow her ongoing successes on instagram @selmablair.

Selma Blair speaks with Robin Roberts about her MS diagnosis

ABC NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Selma Blair speaks with Robin Roberts about her MS diagnosis, “I was giving it everything to seem normal.”

Posted by Good Morning America on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

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