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Tips to avoid breakouts from the gym

It’s summer and we are all trying to stay in shape for those days out on the lake! But as we hit the gym, many of us find that we start breaking out bad. Here’s a few tips to keep those pimples to a minimum… 1-Avoid makeup-it will just clog your pores during a workout.…

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Safety of Gel Manicures

Gel manicures are extremely popular, but is the UV exposure raising the risk of skin cancer? Theoretically, YES! This is because each manicure is hardened by a few minutes under a UVA light, and UVA rays are the type of UV rays that cause skin cancer. So how can we protect ourselves? Apply a coat…

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The things Millennials just won’t buy

Those of us between the ages of roughly 20-30 fall into the generation of Millennials. Each generation has its own claim to fame, but unfortunately Millennials are becoming known for the things we are ruining, like the products we are refusing to buy for various reasons. There is a concern that within 20 years, some…

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