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FDA Approved New Cancer Drug

This is an amazing breakthrough in “precision medicine”. The approval of this drug, larotrectinib, is going to be life changing for those of all ages with a specific gene mutation (NTRK) related cancer. These cancers will effect the thyroid, lung, and head and neck, among others. Patients can be tested for this specific tumor marker.…

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Celiac no more!

It has become easier to be gluten free in today’s day and age, but what if I told you that those who suffer from Celiac Disease may not have to worry about their diet anymore with a new treatment!?! Nexvax2 could change people’s immune response to gluten so that it no longer triggers a damaging,…

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First FDA Approved Cannabis-based Drug

Epidiolex is the name of the first FDA approved cannabis-based drug here in the US. It is a twice daily oral solution for pediatric epilepsy not responsive to previous therapy. Previous to its approval a few large studies showed its impressive response. Check it out in this article.

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