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Forehead Wrinkle Concerns

French researchers have made an association with deep brow furrows/wrinkles and cardiovascular disease. This is mostly a telling sign in the younger population in which deep wrinkles are not common. The study found that those with the deepest wrinkles were 10 times more likely to die from heart disease than people with none! Click below…

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Back to school EpiPen approval!

As we are all getting ready for Back to School Season don’t forget to medically prepare your kiddos as well! Many kids have allergies, and EpiPens are a life saver. Last year we all remember the worry of the EpiPen shortage, and the high cost of these EpiPens. As of August 16th the FDA has…

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Evil Blue Light

The University of Toledo has come out with a study that shows blue light generates poisonous chemical reactions killing photoreceptors in our eyes. This can lead to macular degeneration that can cause blindness. Now we can add this evil effect to distracted driving, distracted walker, ipad neck and texting thumbs.

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